Neuland is a company manufacturing and marketing of metal products for nearly 20 years.
The company has been supplying products in materials cast iron, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper etc by production methods sand casting, die casting, lost wax casting and die forging and precision machining. Assembling and surface coating service are also available.

And over the past years, the company has grown up as a whole process solution provider for any metal products in various industries. Either your drawings can be shaped into products, or even your idea can be realized into a satisfactory product starting designing to shipping. Moreover, our engineering team is capable and more than happy to provide our proposals to you on valuable change of production method and material to best fulfill the cost reduction and function of a product.

  • CNC machining workshop


  • Classification of casting

    There are mainly two types of sand casting and special casting. 1 Ordinary sand casting, which uses sand as a mold material, also known as sand #casting and sand casting, includes three types of wet sand, dry sand and chemically hardened sand, but not all sands can be used ...
  • Welding process and application

    Welding is a process and connection method that produces atomic bonding between two workpieces of the same sex or opposite sex by heating, pressurizing, or using both. Welding has a wide range of applications, both for metals and for non-metals. Welding technology is mainly...
  • What is cold drawn steel?

    Cold-drawn steel uses hot-rolled steel as raw material, and the product quality is better than that of hot-rolled steel. For example, the cold-drawn profile causes metal work hardening due to cold deformation, which increases the tensile strength and yield strength of the cold...
  • Ultrasonic Testing Technology-Neuland

      Ultrasonic flaw detection is an advanced method of inspecting parts for defects. It mainly uses the characteristics of ultrasonic energy penetrating into the depths of metal materials, and judges whether there is a defect through the reflection that occurs at the edg...
  • Gray iron properties and applications

    (1) Mechanical properties The structure of gray cast iron is equivalent to taking steel as the matrix and adding flake graphite. The matrix contains more elements such as silicon and manganese than steel. These elements can dissolve into ferrite to strengthen the matrix, so...