Neuland is a company manufacturing and marketing of metal products for nearly 20 years.
The company has been supplying products in materials cast iron, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper etc by production methods sand casting, die casting, lost wax casting and die forging and precision machining. Assembling and surface coating service are also available.

And over the past years, the company has grown up as a whole process solution provider for any metal products in various industries. Either your drawings can be shaped into products, or even your idea can be realized into a satisfactory product starting designing to shipping. Moreover, our engineering team is capable and more than happy to provide our proposals to you on valuable change of production method and material to best fulfill the cost reduction and function of a product.

  • CNC machining workshop


  • Solar tracker carbon steel drive shaft

    One consists of solar panels, reduction box, support, motor one, small spur gear one, large spur gear one, worm rod one, turbine one, vertical drive shaft, motor two 10, small spur gear two, large spur gear Two, worm rod two, turbine two, horizontal drive shaft, connecting pla...
  • Stainless steel forgings

    Stainless steel forgings refer to objects in which stainless steel materials are subjected to pressure and are shaped into the required shape or appropriate compression force through plastic deformation. This force is typically achieved through the use of a hammer or pressure...
  • What is a tracking photovoltaic bracket?

    The tracking photovoltaic bracket is a photovoltaic bracket system that can automatically adjust the angle of the module to follow the movement of the sun to maximize the efficiency of the photovoltaic module in capturing solar energy. Tracking photovoltaic brackets can be cl...
  • The tracking photovoltaic bracket

    As the most common part of solar energy development, photovoltaic power generation has been widely used in various fields in recent years. As the technology continues to mature, it has formed a stable development model and has good development prospects in the future. Facing s...
  • Canton Fair time

    If you go to Guangzhou during this period, you will definitely experience the sense of déjà vu as you travel around the world… In April, the Flower City has entered the Canton Fair time. The exhibition hall, subway, restaurants, and scenic spots are all crowded with peop...